Sunday, 16 May 2010

Craft Meet

Well, I had a lovely day at the Crafty Devils meet at Warrington today, lots of talk, laughs, a lovely challenge set by Craftyshell and I coloured a couple of images as well, so nice to meet up with like-minded friends........ I will add my card in a couple of days as we are off tomorrow in our caravan for a few days near Morecambe, I just love that bay !!!!!! having my ashes scattered there when I die !! to do a bit of ironing and sorting, taking all my ribbon stash with me, and I an going to do a big re-arrangement !!!!!not so I can use it.... just so that I can look at it all, (with the curtains closed of course)and swoon at the colours and textures !!! I may even let you all look from afar !!!...........I may even find there are colours I still NEED .
Tilly XXXX

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Aunty Sue said...

Have a lovely time and reat and we wont be scattering any ashes there for a very long time lady.