Friday, 25 June 2010

a hot and busy week


I hope you have all been more productive than me, lol... I am still busy decorating bathroom and kitchen ! house is a tip ! Last week-end son-i-l girlfriend offered to paper bathroom ceiling as I struggle with being small,I papered the walls, any way, yesterday she sent a text to say she would be working........ I nearly died when O/H offered to do it for me as I have never known him to even lift a paint-brush..... I thought he must have a hidden talent! anyway, this afternoon he measured the paper, I had to paste it, he came down 30 mins later and said the paper was to heavy to stay up ????? I said 'rubbish' anyway, I re-pasted it and went up with him, I told him to hold it while I struggled to reach, after I had the first piece on, I noticed a pile of drawing pins,he only tried to pin it to the corners and stick the middle bit to the ceiling, PMSL....... hehehehehe, the corners were all tattered and torn, he said it looked easy when he saw me doing the walls ...hehehehehhe, with a bit of help I have managed it, so now tomorrow I can emulsion it all, to anyone who knows him, if you mention I have told you this you are dead ! still PMSL.... I am starting on a golden wedding card now for my cousin on the 30th June, will try to have a hop round your blogs later,
Tilly xx


Aunty Sue said...

lol oh poor mozy how much is it worth not to mention it. lol. Oh I can picture the 2 of you. Well at least he tried having never put a piece of wall paper up think he could show me.

coops said...

ooops, drawing pins do all the decorating in our house too.hubby hasn`t got a clue.hehehe.hope its soon all done.have a great weekend.luv coops.xx

Whisper said...

Oh you do crack me up Tilly, that is the funniest thing i've heard in ages !!! Luv Sam x