Saturday, 25 September 2010

How time flies

When you are busy!!!!!!!!!
Since I last blogged, I took Aunty Sue into hospital on the 22nd September, although she is doing well, she is still in there, and I have been going to visit. Hope she is soon well enough to come home........ When I took her, I dropped her off at A & E and went to park my car, as I got out, I slipped and fell, went with a right bang, lol.... Sue could not believe it when I went back in to her with my hands and knees bleeding, it has turned out to be a lot more painful than I first thought and I still cannot use my left hand and left knee is still very sore, I have been limited, so hence the lack of posts and production!!!!!!!
My fireplace arrived last Friday but need to go and find wallpaper now, may try over the week-end.
I did manage the other day to make a wallet card and some goodies for a friend, here is the result, could not find a challenge to fit lol
Thank you for your visit
Tilly x


Janette said...

Hi Tilly, Oh this is gorgeous, sure there is a challenge to do with an animal today your knee and hand are starting to heel, and also hope Sue will soon be back with us, enjoy the rest of

kay said...

ouch tilly,hope it eases soon and give my love to sue,fab card,x

coops said...

gorgeous card the image and fab colours.
hope you are better soon, sounds painfull and hope sue is soon back home too.
get well soon wishes to you both :)

xx coops xx

Jennifer said...

Aww big hugs to you both! Hope Sue is well again soon, and fancy you falling whilst doing a good turn! xx Jenny xx