Monday, 4 October 2010

Went to the craft fair

On Sunday (yesterday) I went to the craft fair with my friend Jules, we really missed Aunty Sue as she is still in hospital, ( she may need an operation, so get well very soon, we miss you! ) Sue is the one that can spot a bargin at 50 paces lol.... anyway, it was not all that enjoyable as it was soooooo crowded, all pushing and shoving, very hot and again not enough tables and chairs especially.........We did not see any bargins as such, except for 2nds in papers and card. In fact, all the goods were overpriced to us, Jules bought a pad of really pretty coloured glitter card ( approx 30 sheets C6) that was sealed and when we got back here, it is seconds as the glitter is not spread evenly,, so only good enough for swirls, flowers or such... no mention of seconds on the pack, so take care! All single pro-markers £1.90p each! distress inks £4.99p each, we did not find any real show bargins....... we will not go to the next one, I did buy a set of Martha Stuart all round snowflake punches which I am pleased with, ribbon (NO -- I don't have enough, charms, glue and a cuttlebug folder.... The whole craft fair set-up is becoming a rip-off, so do your homework first !!!
Today I actually went on to Little Claire's website, Yesterday the single pro-markers were £1.90p then they changed the price to £1.80p and I bought 2 for Sue, ---- ON THE WEB they are £1.60p + £1.00 p&p.... so the five I bought for myself at £1.90p in the morning----- I could have sat at home and got them cheaper and have a few bob change !!! FAIR ???? I don't think so !!
Thanks for your visit
Love Tilly X


Noreen said...

What a shame there were no bargains, but just shows you need to have an awareness of prices before you go. I'm sure you had an enjpoyable day with friends though xx

kay said...

how annoying tilly,you look forward to these and if they are no good its a bit of a downer!
send my love to sue,hope she is managing ok in the hospital,has she got the tv and internet access set up?

Janette said...

Think they have defo cooked there Goose with you Tilly, flippin cheek of them, well, you live and