Sunday, 2 January 2011

A very Happy New Year

A very Happy, Healthy and peaceful new year to all who visit-------- I hope you all enjoyed the festivities. Thank you to each and everyone, to all who have been to visit and/or left super comments for me. I appreciate your time and support.

I had some exciting news this morning...... I HAVE WON MINA'S NEW YEAR DRAW !!!!!!! yes honest, lol, Sue, Jules and Janette ( my friends) have been winning challenges, draws and goodies all year, and poor me won NOTHING ------ I AM SO HAPPY, I'm sure it is all down to my sky candle on New Years Eve/morning--------

We had our neighbours, Margaret and Les and Alan round for a meal New Years Eve,we finished around 10pm and then had a few games of domino's ( and a few drinks lol) at 12 midnight we watched the fireworks at the London Eye.
We then went outside to send up our wishes with sky candles. Margaret went first, then Alan, Les and Moz, they all used the candles I had bought, then it was my turn, Les wanted me to use on of his candles so I chose a pretty lilac, it managed to get over the rooftop and on its journey, then all of a sudden, it lost it's fuel and plummeted down to earth!!!!! well---- I didn't know what to think, it had my wishes for my Dad and Sister tied up in it!
Next we decided to set one off for Mum, as she had hurt her back she did not come outside! We chose a pretty blue one for her, we all held it and all made a wish on her behalf, first it got stuck on the clothes line and we had to catch it and wait till it had more heat, we let it go again, it skirted the gutter and missed the chimney, then horror---- it got stuck in the big sycamore tree at the back of Alan's house, we went to the front to look and it was like the burning bush story in the Bible----we were helpless laughing and I was worried (only a little bit ) as Alan has a wooden shed below the tree.......we decided not to tell him at that moment, we spoke in hushed voices ( as you do when you have had a drink, they heard us in the next street lol) so then while waiting for any developments, we decided I should send another as my first was a disaster, I chose a pretty green one, Up it went, all pretty, then it burst into flames and plummeted back to earth !!!! Les then decided to bin the remainder of his defective candles.
When we went back indoors, I told Alan who is 83) there was a slight panic, but the flames had not fallen down his chimney hehehehe he took it in his stride, did not believe us until he saw the remains in his tree the following day !!!
Anyway, when they had gone home I got Mum to bed and then washed my glasses and did a quick tidy up.... the candles were on my mind and I could not rest in case it was a bad omen---in the end, I stood in the middle of our cul-de-sac at 3.30am --- in my nighty and set off one of my own sky candles, which went straight up and floated peacefully away..... with my thoughts for loved ones and wishes for 2011, next day I won Mina's Candy !!!
How good was that !!!!

Thank you for your visit

Tilly x


Janette said...

Happy new year Tilly,am still laughing at this little story of could only happen toyou...pmsl....congrats on the win, how brilliant is that for a good listen...don't think for one minute your going to start winning all the candy around...what about me and glad for you.xxxxxx

Claire x said...

Happy New Year to you Tilly! Well I've pmsl reading this LOL - how funny - things like that would happen to me too! Hope you have a fabby New Year. Hugs, Claire x

coops said...

happy new year tilly :D and big congrats on your candy win :D

xx coops xx

Margarets designer cards said...

Happy New Year to you and your family, congrats on your win, we can't let Jeanette have everything all the time.
I thought I was the only one things like that happen to nice to read someone else has the same.
Thank you for all the lovely comments you have left on my blog and I hope 2011 will be better and we can both win more candy's

Lee said...

Oh Tilly,it is a joy visiting your blog i am laughing my socks off,it could only happen to you hun.Really has cheered me up.CONGRATULATIONS on your win,you deserve it.Happy New Year.xxxxxx