Wednesday, 16 November 2011

good evening

We did not get to bingo today as I have been having my dizzy spells again, so I could not drive.
I thought I would show you my new halogen oven lol..... we had mainly leftovers as I could not stand for long (good excuse) but I decided to try some roast potatos,

these are just beginning to brown.
I was very pleased with the results, golden, soft inside but crispy outside.

I made the leftover mash from yesterday into potato cakes, which I can't wait to eat, dripping with butter.

A little bit of what you fancy does you good , so the saying goes lol

I'm sorry the photo's are not very good, but we have now eaten it all so can't re-take lol.......... tomorrow, if I feel better I will have to find it somewhere to live in the kitchen. These ovens take a lot less electric and are quick to cook.

I hope you have had a good day and thanks for your visit
Hugs Tilly x



Fabulous Tilly
hope you are feeling better soon
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Aunty Sue said...

oh tilly if they are that good might have to put on my christmas list

jules said...

Oh Tilly looks like a UFO!!
when am i going to sample the food then? lol!

McCrafty's Cards said...

Hi Tilly sorry to hear the dizzy spells are back, I was hoping to see some cakes today :o( but those roast potatoes look good :o).
I hope you feel better.
Kevin xx

coops said...

oh yum. roast tattys,i could just eat them those :D

xx coops xx

Lee said...

it does look like a UFO lol.Did not know about such things,thought you meant a built in BIG oven ROFL.i am impressed though,must have a look at them on google.Do hope you soon feel better must be awful.huggles xxxxx

Janette said...

Looks fab Tilly, never seen one before so all new to my fab and if it saves the pennies, even better....sorry your having dizzy doooos again, take care.xx