Sunday, 1 April 2012

Missing in action

I seem to have been missing for a while lol, but ever so busy.
Last Saturday, I cleaned out the greenhouse
On Sunday I painted a back garden wall and a little of a 16 foot shed, On Monday I finished off the rest of the shed and planted sweet peas, lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes, herbs and peas. Tuesday was taken up with Mum and the house and Wednesday with Bingo, shopping and a visit to the local park in the beautiful sunshine. Since then, washing cleaning and life has been on the agenda, but today I managed to finish off my 2nd quilt, which is a birthday present for my neighbour Alan, who comes in every night for tea.

I will try to catch up with all your blogs in the next day or so, but I do have a couple of cards that cannot wait any longer, I have so missed the crafting this week.

In the meantime.......... here is a look at Alans present which is made from re-cycled curtains,(Alans daughter, the grey paisly,) used bed sheets(dark brown and machine embroidered)and a great find of a king size sheet in cream with a tinge of brown, complete with 2 pillow slips all brand new, from the charity shop at a princely £1.75p!! the backing was another brand new fitted cream sheet from the same shop. the pillow case came from the same place as the curtains, so I took it apart and put on a frill, (more re-cycled curtains) and sewed it back together to use a pillow sham! all in all....... with the new fleece inside it cost me about £11.00 !!!!
I love bargins!!! lol.......

I took it round for him this afternoon and he was over the moon, almost in tears that I had spent so much time on it, (he will be 85 this week lol)his daughter has just decorated the room for him ( cream and his furniture is brown wood) and it looks so masculine on his bed!

Thank you for your visit

Hugs Tilly x


Whisper said...

What a super present, no wonder he was choked, i would have been too, Luv Sam x

Aunty Sue said...

Oh didnt the girl do well this is lovely and much better in real life. Poor Alan near to tears bless him. Now you have finished your jobs i have a few that need doing if you get bored. tee hee.


Wow Tilly
They both look fantastic
Hugs Dianne xx :)

FeltByRae said...

I am not surprised Alan was so moved, that is a beautiful quilt, anyone would be proud and touched to receive such a gift

My sweet peas got planted out today too, I'd love to take credit, but my mum grew them into seedlings from seeds she'd saved and came over today and popped them in my pot for me (I'm not a great gardener, but with help I manage to cope with my patio of pots!)

McCrafty's Cards said...

Wow Tilly, it looks fabulous, I like the design and well done on getting such good bargains,
Kevin xx

Margarets designer cards said...

Well done, what a super present, I am glad he liked it,
There's a few hours work in it, people don't realise just how long it takes to make things

coops said...

wow it looks fantastic tilly and i love the matching pillow.a great present ;D

xx coops xx

coops said...

wow it looks fantastic tilly and i love the matching pillow.a great present ;D

xx coops xx

Lee said...

Awww Tilly you is such a Lovely Lady.The quilt is amazing and like you say such a bargain to make that's what we like,as everything is soooo expensive these days.Can just imagine his face when he saw it bless him.Huge Hugs xxxx

Janette said...

Oh tilly this is stunning, your doing brilliant with these fingers crossed that this will publish.xx

jules said...

Oooh! who's a clever girl then? it's gorgeous Tilly!!!