Friday, 31 August 2012

Good morning....

For a change, to start the day, we have sunshine, I wonder how long that will last.

First though, I will just let you know how proud I am of my eldest Grandson Ryan. He became the 2nd youngest Mayor in the country, this term, at 21 years of age. He is Mayor of Westhoughton, which is in Lancashire, and he is thrilled that it is in such a momentous year which includes The Queens Diamond Jubilee, the Olympic games, even Preston Guild, (that is held every 20 years)lol... then there is the 100th Anniversary of The Blackpool Illuminations...... lots of other special occasions as well. His girlfriend Amy is the Mayoress. He has taken a year out from Cumbria University, where he is studying to become a Primary school teacher.

I have been busy on a few projects recently and here is one of them below.

This is my latest quilt and I am very pleased with the with both the pattern and the jewel colours. As usual, the camera does not show our work off to it's best, but I hope you can visulize it in real life, with the deep reds and turquiose.

I am not sure what will be next on the sewing front, I have an Anniversary card half made and I do need to make a start on Christmas, before it turns round and bites me hahahahaha.......

I hope you are all well and busy, thank you for your visit. I need to go and get a photo taken this morning, as I need to renew my passport!! what a nightmare lol

Hugs Tilly x


Janette said...

Congrats on Ryan doing so well Tilly, thats fabulous.....I thought he was the one in Oz I am not with it am I.....
Love this brilliant quilt, it looks gorgeous.......enjoy the beautiful day, I think we are due some nice weather ....PS.....PASSPORT...WHY....WHERE YOU OFF.....PMSL...XXXXXXX

Claire said...

WOW Tilly this looks amazing - love the deep colours. I am always amazed how people make these, I would love to have a go, but my sewing skills are really not the best LOL. Have a good day. Hugs, Claire x

sassy said...

wow congrats on Ryan achieving this wonderful wonder your super proud ...the quilt is amazing love the colours love to do something like this but i have ajoc threadibng a needle well done..happy sunny day hugs sassyxxx

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Tilly,

Beautiful quilt, glad you have sunshine,
Here in Greece it's very hot cloudless sky, with that strange thing called a sun.
Hope it stays fine and you see the sun over the next couple of weeks.
Take care

Mau xx said...

Congratulations To Ryan, Thats wonderful Tilly, no wonder you are proud of him. xx
Love the quilt, what gorgeous colours, I loved quilting I must admit, but not done any for a few years.
Sent you email, Tilly please check it out incase you didn't know! xxxxxx
Hugs mau xx

McCrafty's Cards said...

Congratulations to your Grandson Ryan its a great at such a young age, your quilt is gorgeous Tilly, I like the colours and the pattern.
Kevin xx

Lee said...

Hi Tilly.Well what a wonderful experience for you Grandson,bet he and his girlfriend are thrilled to bits CONGRATULATIONS to both of them.
A WOW to you too ,what a Beautiful quilt and like others have said Stunning colours,is that log cabin,looks like it,my fav quilting technique,oh no I'v got itchy quilty fingers now LOL.take care hun am emailing now.Hugs xxx

rosie said...

wow Tilly. this is amazing. how clever are you! wished i had the patience to do something like this x

Aunty Sue said...

Hi Christine no wonder you are proud the picture I have seen of him is fab and they look a lovely couple. Loving three quilt is there anything you can do.great colours. Sending massive hugs to you as I know you still be needing them

Elaine said...

Congratulations to Ryan!
All Nana's adore their grandchildren, but that's a very good reason to be extra proud of him! I know Westhoughton well (I'm Bolton born and bred...for my sins!)

Fabulous quilt Tilly! You are so clever! I can just about manage to sew on a button!

Good luck with your passport photo...I had mine done recently and I look like a convict!

Big hugs
Elaine xx