Sunday, 3 March 2013

Happy Sunday

Hello to you all, I got up at 8am this morning full of get up and go.......... yes the steam did go quickly lol.....
Had my first coffee and perused my emails then got dressed, as the sun was in and out of the clouds, I decided to cut both my lawns!!! I also removed a few dead bits of last years flowers.............I came back in and had my bacon and tomato butty (tiger bread which I love)......... later I stood looking at the front lawn, feeling pleased with myself, when a neighbours cat came and did a big POO !!!! by the time I got to the door to throw water at it..... it dashed off. ............why can't they do it on their own patch........ if I wanted to pick up that stuff, I would have my own animal!!  OKAY........ I know some of you are animal lovers, but do you know where they do their business??

 This afternoon, I have finished off my 5th LilyBo quilt and bag........this one is more for a little girl with the butterflies....... I think they are addictive because they are small, more cot size...... you think of the cause and you THANK GOD that your own family has been blessed with good health......... There..... but for the grace of GOD go I!
I am not really religious, but I do have a lot to be thankful for in my life.

Well, the sun has gone, but an early tea for me as it is the best night for the telly.........The Midwife and Mr Selfridge..........what will we do next week when they are finished !!!

Have a good week and stay well
Hugs Tilly x


JoZart said...

We too have a lot to be thankful for too and you are a big part of the thanks! Today our little one has safely finished her treatment and we are able to help others now in thanks.... and that's all thanks to stitching crafting friends like you.
Just posting the latest bulletin!
I can't say it enough but...Thanks a million times Tilly! You're a star!
Jo x

McCrafty's Cards said...

Another beautiful quilt Tilly I like the colours on this one, our cats use the litter box indoors but hay we do live in a flat lol, Have a great week.
Kevin xx

Whisper said...

Oh gorgeous hun.

I know what you mean about Cats, i've got one at the moment, who thinks it's a great game to jump on to my raised bed - where we hang the bird feeders from a tree and see if they can catch birds !!, Luv Sam x

Lee said...

Hi Tilly,Blimey you must have some energy lol.

LOVE the quilt n bag sooo pretty.I do understand about the naughty moggy's when they do that in your garden,as you know we have Ronni the mog,other cats poo in our garden so I guess we get payback lol.Unfortunately it's their nature and at least water isn't harmful but is a good deterent,we used a spray bottle with water in it.If I saw Ronni poo in our neighbours garden I always picked it up.Take care hun.Huggles xx

Donna Mosley said...

Tilly, this is so gorgeous. Love the colours. Just watching the telly too.

Donna x

Elaine said...

Well you have been a very productive Tilly today, and probably all done before I even got out of bed!
(in my defence, I was up til 4am waiting for a certain boy to come home from clubbing in Manchester!)

I hold my hand up to having a cat, but yes, I do know where Miss Lisa does a poo! And it's in our garden, always in the same spot, under this big rambling bush. Our old cat that died a while back, always used to wee in the grid outside our garage.
My pussy's are very well behaved...apart from the mouse/bird/frog slaughtering :(

Another gorgeous quilt and bag are such a lovely lady ♥

Big hugs
Elaine xx

Di said...

Oh Tilly - such a beautiful quilt set - really pretty.

Shouldn't laugh, but we have the same cat problems here too - have an ultra-sonic 'zapper gun' thingy and it does make them scarper. But you have to see them first of course. Little perishers manage to tiptoe between the beams from the permanent cat scarers in the gardens as well. Sigh :(

Hugs, Di xx

Annie said...

Oh Tilly this is so pretty. Like you I am finding these totally addictive and also count my blessings every time I finish one. I've had all my five little Grandies here this weekend and feel so very blessed.
Plus of course they are a wonderful way of using up lots of smaller snippets of fabrics....and I have lots of those here :-)
A x

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Tilly

Lovely quilt and beautiful colour.
I think it will be a while before vernon gets the lawn mower out as the lawn is very wet and it's going to take to dry out, it looks like a meadow and the badger has been visiting over the last week and have dug up little lumps all over it.
The cats here take one look at vernon and run, he chases them out of the garden, he would not hurt them but he's so fed up with them, we have so many that come in and leave their marks, I wish they would use their own gardens and not everyone else's.
Sunday has been good and I have enjoyed call the midwife and Mr selfridge I have no idea what we all do when they finish next week.

coops said...

so beautiful tilly.gorgeous pretty fabrics and i love the lilac colours :D

xx coops xx

Janette said...

Gorgeous Tilly, your so good to do so many....but I see you are getting a reward in the form of a candy win at Donna's....congrats .xx

sioux said...

I agree we do have a lot to be thankful for, love your quilt, I've not done any sewing for years - since the boys were little, they are 28 and 30 now!
Glad you're keeping well and thank you for the comments on my blog, I'm trying really hard to do something on there every day!

Darnell J Knauss said...

Well said about gratitude, Tilly! And well done making quilt number FIVE for such a wonderful cause!! You are spreading your blessings out to these wee ones with your beautiful labors of love.