Saturday, 22 February 2014

Help please..........

|I think I may have fixed the problem somehow, but not a clue what I have done.... thank you so much for your suggestions and to Aunty Sue for another hour on the phone......... I know I drive her mad lol.....
lets see how the next post comes out! x

CAN ANYONE HELP ??????? I don't know what went wrong on doing my post yesterday, but now I have a white block on top right hand side, which means the end of my side bar is no longer there. The only way I can access now is by clicking on a header post, it takes me to edit and then pressing blog button. I can't access at all on my laptop as I am not signed in so it will not let me open a post to go in that way. I did delete a picture when writing post but my side backgrounds have gone as well. Has anyone else had this problem ???? Sue did her best to help yesterday, but we can't fix it. I did write a new post but that came out the same way. I have also taken back the computer to Monday, but that made no difference. Christine x


Aunty Sue said...

Looks Ok On My Phone Now Just No Backing Paper And You Doing Up At 7 On computer

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Tilly

I am looking at your blog and I can see the whole of your sidebar.
I had problems with blogger at christmas, I pressed the wrong button and in the end lost all my pictures.
I found out that by going to google they have links that will sort it out and give you help.
Sorry it may not be much help but I hope it helps you.

Annie said...

Hi Christine. Sorry to hear you're having probs. not sure I can help but have you looked at the advance settings where you can alter the widths of your blog columns?
Annie x

Di said...

Hi Tilly

I could see the white box earlier if I came to your whole blog link when I was browsing in bed with a cup of tea trying to wake up. But am on my laptop now and it looks fine - whichever way I visit you from my dashboard - either by clicking on your whole blog or on this individual post.

As already suggested, why not try Google help.

Hugs, Di xx

Whisper said...

Oooo Well Done Aunty Sue for helping you out, is that why i have Alan !!, as it's sort of Muppet thing i would do, Luv Sam x