Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Good morning..............

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter and the bunny left you some chocolate!
How quickly a holiday goes by but at least we have two more to look forward to.
Here's what I have been up to besides visiting...........

I made this chenille cushion for my neighbour's birthday last week,  as he is still using the Christmas one that I made for him!

and I did a cream patterned back with buttons

Over the weekend I made two cushions for my Grandson and his girlfriend  instead of chocolate.
I loved how they turned out and did not want to give them away lol.......... But Ryan and Amy love them!

for the back I used the same fabric as the words...

I wish I could remember where I bought this fabric as I would love some more, I have a feeling it was Aberkhan and just a small length. As I wanted a rose on each cushion all I am left with is scraps.!
On the way to their house I called at Aldi for a few bits and they had Easter eggs on sale at half price..........so I bought us one each hehehehehe...........it would have been rude not to!

Have a good week

Hugs Tilly x


Lee said...

Hi Tilly,I LOVE your cushions they are soooo fab.How did you do the words.I am making cushions as a practise thing,being new to machine sewing.Hope you are well.Hugs xx

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Tilly

Love your cushions, Lovely fabric with a rosé in the words,
Of course it would have been rude nit to buy cheap Easter eggs, who would not have done so faced with a bargain

Whisper said...

Aaah your cushions are fabby hun, i wish i could sew, Luv Sam x

Donna Mosley said...

Gorgeous cushions Tilly, love the fab button fastenings.

Donna x

camp and cottage living said...

You are indeed crafty!
I love both of your projects.
I did chenille once so I know how much work it is!

Mad Moose said...

Stunning! Beautiful cushions hun! xx