Friday, 5 December 2014

OH NO..............................

I think I must admit to having a problem!!!!

I bought 3 new jars of herbs this week and today, going to put them in the cupboard, decided to have a tidy out as they fall on my head when I open the door.......... (which is why I don't use them heheheheh) just look !!
Green tops mostly tops mostly spices..............there are 73 containers, even 4 curry and we don't even eat curry!

Plastic and cardboard containers are mostly cake sprinkles and toppings

and to round off.............
4 vanilla, 3 lemon, plus a selection of others for flavoring cakes and puddings!! 17 of them !!
HEAD IN THE SAND springs to mind!! better go and start throwing out!

Tilly x


Margarets designer cards said...

Something tells me you buy a lot of spices and herbs, I expect when you go shopping you think about what you are going to cook and buy a new jar of herb or spice etc.,
The cupboard will be looking a lot less by now is it spring clean or autumn cleaning time?
Have a nice day

Whisper said...

OMG how many spices and herbs - are they all still in date though !!, Luv Sam x

McCrafty's Cards said...

Tilly you had better get cooking and baking and use some of these things up lol I will be your taster lol
Kevin xx

Jac said...

Lol! Ria went to make gingerbread cookies yesterday when I realised I had no ground ginger so she had to pop down town for some! Xx

Lee said...

HA HA HA.Blimey girl that must be a record lol.
By the way did you get my email.Thank you soooo much for my Beautiful card.Love ya xxxx