Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Good afternoon........

Today was my first morning back at work at the charity shop.......the alarm made me jump as it was still dark lol.........anyway, nice to chat to everyone again. I am pleased to say, I do believe this virus is going, yesterday, at the sewing club, as a discussion was going on, I did have to go out with a coughing fit.
Here is the table runner I did as a couple of presents and also one for myself--------in fact I made 5.
It is very difficult to get good pictures as I have a large bay window that throws in the light and no matter where I stand, it does not give a true picture. I have tried to take it  on the bed, on the settee and in the shed, in real life the border edges are cream with red candy canes

the back is a lovely rich red, so it can be used either side.

Before Christmas there was a sale at the shop, 3 jigsaws for  £1.00 and I bought 6. the first one will last until summer I think,

 it's done like an oil painting and all blues and dark colours..... so difficult to see shapes, it has taken a week to get this far!! I will get there in the end!

I hope you are keeping warm and busy, thank you for your visit

Hugs Tilly x


Judith said...

Hi Tilly - happy new year - glad to hear your on the mend - I've had that horrible bug too and it's only the cough that's left now - thank goodness - love be your table runners such gorgeous colours and the back looks lovely too! - I do love a good jigsaw- the only thing is it sort of takes over - no one can walk past without having a go! Hugs Judith x

Mau xx said...

Hi Tilly, Happy New Year, I hope its full of good things...especially Good Health.
Love the runners I bet they went down very well as presents.
spring cleaning!!! comes easy these days...1 Bedroom,
1 Lounge/dining/room
1 Kitchen
a Conservatory
sm. bathroom
wish I had a bigger bungy till it comes to cleaning and decor then I like my little
hugs Mau xx

Mau xx said...

oops!!! forgot to say I will gladly help with Jig-Saw....if not cleaning.
I love jig saws and have dozens and dozens.

House of Pinheiro said...

Gorgeous table runner. I keep meaning to make one too but i always leave the gift making too late

Lee said...

Hi Tilly,oh WOW,how clever you are.LOVE this Beautiful table runner.I lost my voice for a couple of days ( Glyn thought it was very funny )I am still croaky but much better.Hope you will soon be back to normal.Hugs xxx

Annie said...

Thanks so much for calling in on me yesterday.
I love your table runners Tilly. I'm looking forward to doing more patchwork when we get my new sewing room set up but may have months to wait for that so am feeling rather frustrated at the mo.
Annie x

Hettie said...

Poor You. I don't know anyone who hasn't had this nasty cough/cold/flu thing including me.
Lovely runner there. I do like a bit of patchwork and started piecing my quilt on Boxing Day. Need to start putting the borders on now. I enrolled on an online quilting workshop too as I am not very confident machine quilting.
Wish me luck.

Hettie said...

PS Good luck on that jigsaw. That was an old custom at home to start a jigsaw at Christmas!! Happy days.