Wednesday, 29 July 2015

hello.........Happy Friday...

I am joining in with Annie's Fridays smiles although I did publish this on Wednesday. I have taken my bowls out this morning to the club and did some showing off lol......lots of sunshine and nice fresh air!

Well, what do you know............ a day when we have had no rain so far lol........I took the picture of these flowers on my new header yesterday, they are just beginning to open but the rain spoils everything within days, they look so delicate with the little forget-me-nots at the side.
All my roses have rotted so quickly with the rain, I'm sure a lot of yours are the same.

I have been into work this morning and then went shopping ( I have been on ebay for the last 3 weeks and can't find the weight I need ) I joined U3A 2 months ago and now go crown green bowling every other Friday.

Just look at my babies.......... I can't eat for a month now, but then again, I do need to loose so weight!!! I am going to sew them a little bag each so they don't knock against one another when being carried.
So shiney and smooth I won't be wanting them to hit one another !!

They even have my initials carved on to them!
I have made them little duster bags to stop them banging together and getting marked, they also keep them shiny.......

I made this owl bag a few weeks ago and love the fabric used, next one I make I will go back to a fleece lining as this interfacing, for me, is too stiff, 2nd time I have used it but will save the rest for other projects.  The pattern was from a Debbie Shore CD bought a couple of months ago

The magnetic fasteners and metal D rings and twist hooks were from ebay at a very good price.
Buying bulk (10 ) was Much cheaper than buying a couple from the shops.

I hope you are finding time for your hobbies and have a little sunshine, the forecast says frost overnight !!!  summer ???

Hugs Tilly x


Margarets designer cards said...

Great bag for your woods, yes they do need a bag each, my father and his father played, every Saturday during the summer we had to go and watch them, it's good exercise.
Frost it's July, where did the summer go, the 1st was the hottest day of the year, looks the last day will be the coldest for July

McCrafty's Cards said...

Hi Tilly, we have the same flowers blooming in our garden right now, as for you woods try making the bags out of yellow dusters, this will keep them from bashing each other but also keep them shiny, and that bag you have made is gorgeous I love those eyes
Kevin xx

Helene Siermans said...

What a cool bag!

Annie said...

Hi Tilly. Thanks for linking up your smiles this week. Love your new header pic....I keep changing mine too when the next treasures in the new garden come into bloom :-)
Annie x

JoZart Quilts said...

Super pics and love, your back. Far cooler than a boring black bowls bag too.
Jo x

Lisca Meijer said...

Lovely header photo! And the balls... what can I say. It doesn't mean much to me but obviously it makes you very happy....
Have a great Friday!

Hettie said...

Your flowers are blooming earlier than mine.
Good for you to take up a new sport. I have often fancied having a go at least there is no ice unlike curling!!

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Tilly, your floral header is just gorgeous - beautiful colours and all fresh with the rain. New bowls too, lucky you and now all snug in their new bags. Have fun with them. Cheers Robyn

Anne said...

Yes rain has spoiled our garden. Love the bag. Anne x