Monday, 30 November 2015

Good morning......

We certainly had some of the high winds yesterday and so much hailstone in the late afternoon and evening, I was at my Grandsons for tea and he lives just below Rivington, the beginning of the Pennines. The log burner was a welcome sight with the rain outside.

Going home after a lovely meal, he tried to hold the umbrella over me as I dashed to the car but it turned inside out 3 times in a few feet lol...I was soaked. When I got home ( approx 5 miles ) it looked as if it had not rained for ages as the roads were dry and not half as windy!
I am joining this picture in with Annie's smiles, normally on a Friday, so I am unsure if I am early or late lol........Thing is, I won't be around next week.

I could not beliveve what I was seeing at weekend as I drove through a local village. how can we have daffodils at this time of year and "Up North " as well !! These should not be out until March....

Someone had weeded just around them to help them through the tangle of grass. They certainly made me smile and I hope it stays warm a few weeks for them...... How brave.

Thank you for your visit and I hope you find some smiles in your life this week

Hugs Tilly x


Annie said...

Oh wow. What a welcome sight. I love the spring flowers....just hope they don't suffer too much as the temperature drops. Thanks for sharing.
Annie x

McCrafty's Cards said...

That log burner looks lovely Tilly how nice to sit by it on a cold winters evening, I miss coal firers central heating is nice but its not the same
Kevin xx

Margarets designer cards said...

Wow daffodils flowering in November, I have a hebe who has not stopped flowering for around a year and another one who flowers in the summer flowering, is in full bloom. I don't think nature knows what time of year it is, it's mild down south today feels like September not winter.
I know the weather at the weekend was bad but it's was even worse for you, glad you got home safe, I hope the weather improves and the wind blows itself out.
Take cae

Lee said...

Hi Tilly,Love log burners we nearly had one,most of the neighbours do.Aww love daffs so pretty hope they survive.We are being battered too but no damage thank goodness.Take care hun.xx

JoZart Designs said...

I've been away so missed this wonderful sight. How amazing that those daffs ventured out during the weather we've had!!!!
Jo x

JoZart Designs said...

Oh, Chris, how wonderful for you and I suppose you will be there for Christmas too. Have a wonderful time and tell us all about everything you get up to.
Lots of love Jo x

JoZart Designs said...

Just wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year ..... may you have all you wish for in 2016.
lots of love Jo x