Friday, 7 October 2016

Good afternoon all,........

I am joining in today with Annie,s smiles. and last week brought much to smile about. I always go across the Pennines to Doncaster to help Julia Cotterill on her McMillan coffee day. (Some of you will remember her from our Do-craft days ) I went over Wednesday morning with a car full of stuff including soup for our lunch. I was put to work straight away with stiring, cooking, peeling, lots of washing up so we could use the utensils again.....I stayed over at a Motel opposite the racecourse....basic, but clean bedding and towels, lots of hot water and comfy bed. Ater all, I was only there overnight and an hour in the morning!! Thursday saw the start of peeling apples ready for apple pies, a production line, I roll the pastry, Julia does the filling and then friend Susan wets and sugar sprinkles and keeps an eye on browning.
Lots of laughs all day including which side of the Pennines is the best, a running joke. Trifles to finish, posh cakes to make..... she even shouted at me saying I was grating chocolate the wrong way !!! I ask you !! how can you grate wrongly,???? only one sharp side !!! she took it off me and showed me how it should be done..... I was pushing the chocolate and she was pulling it !!!! SAME END RESULT !! PMSL.....
On the day she is open 9am to 9pm...... Julia and the lovely Alan were 'Mine Host's'

Part of the jams and chutneys which Julia makes during the year... plus setting out cakes for sale and  there was a huge amount of stuff for sale on the craft table and more in the living room.....

I was in on a secret of Angie (from Do-crafts again) travelling 280 miles to be with us for the day, Julia's face was a picture when she opened the door lol....she brought with her so much lovely stuff made by her and her 2 boys !! Julia set her to work selling raffle tickets and she did a sterling job, selling over £100 worth.

I, of course was consigned to the kitchen! making tea, coffee, sandwiches and puddings and the never ending washing up..... a real life Cinderella! (but no prince charming...)
Julia also looked after her 2 grandchildren age 18 months and 2 years, made a cake for Peter's birthday on the Thursday as well.
Over 70 people came through the door and on the day itself she made £1147.38 the total will go up as she has orders to fulfil!!
These are 2 of the items I made, ragged wreaths and Christmas tree hearts,

 plus 2 baby quilts and other stuff.
Sorry for the long post.

Tilly x


Barb said...

What a fantastic post Tilly. My goodness you all really did well and raised a huge amount for an excellent cause. It sounds as if you all had fun too.

What a lot of goodies all in one place. Those cakes certainly look very yummy and the craft makes are beautiful. I really enjoyed reading about your day and seeing all the photos. Have a lovely weekend. I should think you're ready for a rest! Barbxx

Robyn Oliver said...

Happy Friday Tilly, oh wow you have been sooo busy, what fun though, always nice to help out a friend and a great event turning over a good few pounds. Have to tell you I love your rosey blog header - just beautiful. Now have a wonderful weekend cheers Robyn

Margarets designer cards said...

I read about the chocolate on your Facebook page and left you a comment, I looked at my grater when I was using is and thought of your chocolate, still can't work out how to pull tge chocolate through
You had such a busy couple of days but it looks worth it in the end,
Your Christmas hearts look beautiful
Well done

Lee said...

WOW,Well done to all of you wonderful ladies,you are all Stars.Amazing amount of goodies to sell,and what a total.Bet you all had loads of fun too.Great pics,thanks for sharing a wonderful day.xxxx

Annie said...

Hi Tilly. Please don't apologise for the lateness or the long post. It was just what I needed this morning. What a wonderful time you must have all had and well done to all concerned for making so much money.....and I just have to say you were right with the push not pull cos then you can use your weight behind it and it's easier to do.....I was taught by the best 😄😄😄😄
Thanks for linking up Tilly and for dropping in at just the right time....I was needing a smile.
Annie x

mamapez5 said...

That's not a long post and even if it was you don't need to be sorry! It was fun to read about your baking exploits, and what a wonderful total was made for a very good cause. So well done to you all! I love your ragged wreath too. Sorry I am late visiting this week, but I got there in the end. Kate x