Friday, 18 November 2016

Good morning.....

I am linking up with Annies Friday Smiles today, lots of pictures here...
I have been working on these quilts for a few weeks..
The 2 quilts were an order for a lady expecting twin girls in the family soon.
She asked for similar but not the same, so hope this fits what she wants, I struggled to get any pink fabric for babies.

Just finished this weekend is an Advent calender which is going to my Great Nephew in New Zealand.

Next is my very first crochet garment. I only started to learn in April, and apart from a few squares, this is the result with many swear words and a few tantrums thrown in.

 I am pleased with it now though!

And finally, after my mission to buy Father Christmas eyebrows,..... here they are......
Obviously, they will look different again with wig and beard next week!!!  lol
I took myself off to my local pit head at Astley Green, The gear is still standing, and the local conservation team have been busy restoring the winding engines for quite a few years
Yesterday they ran the engine for only the 3rd time. It was wonderful to see, the biggest engines in the North. And the only one left in the country that is working.

My Uncle used to work in this engine house and on a Sunday,I would go for him at lunch time, (no health and safety then ) I would wander through the pit yard and up into the engine house,

The massive drum which wound the steel ropes for the cages, as thick as a mans arm .It was like a great beast to me at 7/8 years old, clanking and hissing.
He kept those engines spotless and shining along with his array of oil cans.

Our first snow of winter here at Manchester today now turned to rain but VERY cold lol

Hugs Tilly x


Annie said...

The quilts are gorgeous Tilly. I'm sure they will be loved and treasured. Well done you with the crocheted shawl....I can see why you're thrilled with it. No snow here yet apart from a very few single flakes yesterday....I'm hoping it stays away a while longer yet.
Thanks for linking up and joining in the fun this week.
Annie x


Fantastic makes Christine and wonderful pics
Dianne xx :)

~@ngie~ said...

those quilts are gorgeous darl... am sure the lady who requested them will love them.... I LOVE that Advent Calendar & GO YOU for learning to crochet... I've been doing it since I was a kid but still struggle with patterns & thhat shawl is perfect :) lol @ the Santa brows... can wait to see a pic of the full rig-out :P love the pit photo's... such a shame they are just memories now... & you can keep the snow :P lol... thanx for sharing all this darl :) xXx

Lynn Holland said...

I'm stuck up the hill in the snow but I'm not complaining as it means I can't be expected to go anywhere and I can mess about all day.
My hubby will be interested in the engine, he is an industrial welder who works on similar projects.
You've been very busy and I'm mightily impressed that you conquered the crotchet craft
Stay warm
Lynn xx

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely quilts,
Glad you enjoyed your visit to the pit,
Snow please no no no we are going to Sheffield next week it's a long enough journey without the White stuff just for another injection in my eye.
Have a lovely weekend

carol said...

wow havent you been a busy little all your makes they look fab, thanks for sharing your photos too, wrap up warm... which you should be now as you have yoru lovely shawl. Have a lovely weekend x carol

mamapez5 said...

The quilts are beautiful Tilly. I am sure the lady will be delighted with them.
Well done on the crocheted shawl. It is lovely muted colours and you did well to master the pattern so soon after learning the basics.
The pictures of the mill and the engine were interesting too. hugs. Kate x
P.S. The roses on your header are just beautiful!

Robyn Oliver said...

Happy Friday Tilly, well weekend... you have been busy and the quilts, calendar AND your crocheted shawl are fabulous, very clever and beautiful work, love the colours in the shawl. Wonderful to see restoration work being done...makes me think they made things to last and many years later they'll still work not like the world today. ha haha ha eyebrows are funny can't believe it's only weeks till Christmas, have a fab weekend keep warm Robyn

Elizabeth said...

Hi Tilly, what a lovely happy Friday post. The quilts are gorgeous. Who would have thought you would have problems sourcing pink baby fabric. Anyway, I'm sure your customer will be delighted. I'm so impressed with your crocheted shawl - it's beautiful. Great to see the mining machinery still working. We do have a few reminders of the mining industry here but I'm not sure if any of them in working order. Indeed, the house that I live in, and those surrounding, was built to house a miner and his family. We had a shower of hailstones, followed by a light snowfall, yesterday. The hailstones are still lying this morning - it was still -1C when I got up - brr. Thanks for your earlier visit and comment - it's most appreciated. Elizabeth xx

baili said...

wonderful quilts .
really enjoyed your post dear

Angela Radford said...

Hi Tilly, well done with the crochet shawl it looks gorgeous, love the colours too. Great to see the winding gear and everything still looking so good. I come from a small mining village in South Yorkshire, my great grandfather was the engineer when they opened the mine though they actually came from Staffordshire so I saw all the sadness when the mines closed. We were actually around when the miners were striking but that's probably better forgotten. Interestingly they are open-casting the coal there now as the mine was still viable when they closed it. Have a great week, Angela x

JoZart Quilts said...

Thanks for your lovely comment and it is lovely to see that your are doing so much super stitching. Some lovely makes by you and great shawl. I LOVE your shorty hairdo too!
Jo x