Thursday, 27 May 2010

blog candy and bathroom

You really must dash accross to Lili of the valley and see the blog candy on offer for two days only, it's yummy........ Well, had his-self digging to find the stop-tap out on the pavement outside.....he dug the full length of his arm ( under lots of kicking from me to stop whinging) lol.... as still he cannot find it, phoned water board who say they have 5 days to send some-one round and up to 12 WEEKS to fix the problem.......... WHAT ??? no cistern on toilet, (flushing with a bucket) wobbly toilet, no shower (but got a bath) and no sink !!!! at least, if we fall off the toilet we can't get concussion hitting our head on sink......... always a bright side, tiler may appear tomorrow he says ?......need to go and make a birthday card now as it needs tonights post !!

PS to my post>>>>>>
Don't get stressed girlies because I'm not, thanks for your comments but I think it's funny lol....I don't care how long it takes, my house is a lived in house and I have neighbours coming tomorrow for a card school........ just wait till I tell them to flush the loo with the bucket PMSL....hehehehehe and tonight I stripped the walls of all paper and not even got a decorator sorted .... DO I CARE????? NO, it's not life threatening...........friends come here because they want to, not because of what I have or how posh ( thats a laugh) the house is give your sympathy to those who need it !!! Mum has never even mentioned she can't flush the loo !! ROFL hehehehehhe
Love come-a-day-go-a-day- Tilly xxx


Janette said...

Aww thats awful...have you told them you have your Mum with you,surely that counts for something.....hope things soon get sorted out Christine....take care.xx

Aunty Sue said...

oh christine that isnt fair with mum think we need at rip to our Mp is your andy burnham he should get something done if he wants to run the country. Keep the buckets full. Good luck with the candy

coops said...

oh my word tilly, 12 weeks !!!! are they having a laugh.i hope you manage to get sorted before then.luv coops.xx