Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Ribbons and bathrooms

Well good morning or is it ?????? lol
First the good news..... I have finished sorting my ribbons, just need 2 new boxes as the shoe boxes are not big enought ! If I let you into the secret of how many there are.... please don't tell him indoors !!!! 419-----in total..... an average of 10 to a card, none less than 1 metre, some 10/ 16/ and 20 metres long !!! and I have a bag of less than a metre !!
Just need to sort fibres and lace now !!
The not so good........ decided to have the bathroom re-tiled as these have been on for 23 years .....of course, one job leads to another, as the tiles came off, the wooden window sill has rotted through holes in grout and silicone, then on the other wall, the plaster fell off with the tiles as this had got mosture in as well. So tonight I have a man coming to plaster !
Not much better with the plumber, he could not find a tap to drain the radiators to take it off the wall to tile behind, he then went downstairs to turn the stop-cock off and could not turn it as it had been painted, also there is a cupboard at the side which does give him enough room for his spanners------- SO, he went out-side to the main stopcock and that is full of dirt which has gone hard, SO, I have had to ask the council to come and clean it out for me, don't know when that will be ! Now they have both gone, got a toilet we have to flush with a bucket of water, and a bath, at least 'WE HAVE FACILITIES !' no-one needs a washbasin and shower as well, do they ??? they said they would come back in a week, but we are going away next Wednesday !
Thanks for stopping by
Tilly XX


Janette said...

OMG Christine.....what a mess,sounds more like something from a carry-on film...pmsl.....sorry,not laughing at your misfortune,I hope you know that,but flippin heck.....all that because of a few tiles......well you can take comfort in your ribbon stash I suppose....lol....I would....lol...xxx

Eisbärin said...

Hello Tilly,

thanks for stopping by at my blog! Didn't even know you had one *tut* Sorry, am now going to stop here as often as I can! Love your ribbons, so neat and tidy! I won't try that as I know it wouldn't last long with me... *lol*
But great work and wow, you do have a LOT of them :-)
Love, Alex

Aunty Sue said...

oh my christine can i come play with your ribbons wont tell him how many you have. Bet you didnt realise either. Poor mum hope she doesnt get to confused. Could they not freeze the radiator for you did when our was pouring out till he mended. Good luck

kay said...

omg tilly,you have a lot of ribbon...lol.
hope your bathroom gets sorted asap,x

coops said...

oh my word tilly, that is a serious ribbon stash you got and how organized it is.oooo your bathroom sounds like a nightmare, i hope you manage to get it sorted soon.luv coops.xx