Monday, 17 April 2017

Happy Easter....

I hope you have all enjoyed your Easter break, hopefully not too much chocolate lol...I have been extra busy this week. I was asked by my grandson last week if I would do some shopping and make a trifle as he was taking his girlfriend Amy to the Lakes for 3 days to propose to her!

Of course I agreed but then it went Manic, it ended up a full scale buffet for 10!!

 I worked Wednesday and Thursday morning, no shops open Friday that I needed, Saturday I worked until 1pm, went shopping, began cooking, 2 quiches, trifle, orange drizzle cake, cheese cake, fruit cake......tea for neighbour. Finished at 7.30pm and went to start making bunting....34 triangles need for Congratulations.....had to cut the letters on my cricut, draw round on fabric, cut out and sew the lot together, left it a 9.30pm knackered. Up at 7am, discovered I had not decorated inside of card,
after, I went back to bunting, finished at 12.30pm.... put together trifle, boiled eggs and new potatoes, salad, roasted a salmon in tinfoil,  put the whole lot in the car along with cooked ham, turkey, pasties and pies and transported it all to their house at 2pm....Just as well she said Yes !!!
(start of food prep, forgot the table later as people arrived.)

Everyone enjoyed it and I got home at 8pm and went straight to bed. This morning washing on line, baking tins put away and going to tidy up fabrics, thats me for the day!!

Hugs Tilly x



Gorgeous card Christine and Happy Easter a bit late this week
Dianne xx :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Congratulations to your son, I hope they will be very happy together.
A lot of work but I am sure you enjoyed it deep down

Lee said...

OMG.I take my Hat off to you girl how on earth did you do all that.You are a Super Star.I am truly Gobsmacked well done you.Yes it is a good job she said yes.You need a rest now.Great pics.Hugs xxx

Lee said...

Forgot to say love the card and your grandson and his Fiance look very happy.xx