Friday, 21 April 2017

Good morning.....

I am here to join in with Annie,s Friday  smiles, I have had a very busy week what with working 3  mornings and then catering for a buffet for 10 on Sunday.
My grandson took his long time girl-friend to the Lakes and proposed to her! Luckly, she said I was shopping, cooking and baking for two long days lol, then it all had to be transported to their house on Sunday afternoon.
As if that was not enough to do, I made them a card
Then I decided to make some bunting, I used fat quarters that I bought in Aldi a few months ago, lovely cotton and 5 fat quaters for only £3.99p look out for these offers next time around, well worth the money and nice to work with. I could not have had a longer word with time so short.....34 triangles, home made binding,letters cut on Cricut, drawn on to fabric, cut out and sewn on to bunting!!
I only finished sewing at 12.30pm then put together the trifles, cooked the salmon, boiled the eggs and got everything in the car by 2.15pm.
Here is Ryan and Amy and my bunting.....
Beginning to put the food out, I did not get around to more pictures when people began to arrive.
Lots of smiles for me this week.

Hugs Tilly x


Annie said...

What a happy post Tilly. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Please say a huge congratulations to the happy couple from me and wish them a long happy life together.
Annie x

Angela Radford said...

Hi Tilly, you do look as though you've been busy! Your Grandson and girlfriend look very happy and I bet all the trimmings were a lovely surprise for them. You'll be busy getting stuff ready for the wedding next! Have a lovely weekend with lots more smiles, Angela xXx

Lisca Meijer said...

Phew! You had a busy time! Congratulations! Give the happy couple my best wishes.
The card and the bunting look great. I'm sure the buffet was yummy too. What a fantastic grandma you are!
W·onderful that you could join us today.
Have a good week,

Elizabeth said...

A lovely happy post, Tilly. How nice to have an engagement to celebrate. I love the bunting. Like you there's been an engagement in the family so you've given me the idea to make some for our happy couple too. Hope you have a wonderfully smiley weekend. Elizabeth xx

mamapez5 said...

A very happy occasions, and lots to smile about. Well done on all that work. I am sure it was worth it, and you had a lovely time together.Kate x

Lisca Meijer said...

Well, congratulations to the happy couple! Boy, you have been busy.You really have pulled out all the stops! Your grandson will be very pleased with his grandma.
I hope he gives you plenty of notice to start doing things for the wedding....